RACE 3 - MARAETAI BEACH – 16 February 2025

Picturesque is an understatement. Glassy-flat, and crystal-clear waters of Maraetai Beach for your swim is gonna set the tone for a beautiful day at the Maraetai Beach event. But the swim and the “part-trail/part-path” Run Course are merely the bookends for what we think is the main-event. The stunning sea-side bike course that leads you down a coast road and then into the gentle rolling hills of rural East-Auckland. Its enough to keep you distracted (but not TOO distracted) from the big efforts you’ll be putting in to settle the score between you and your mates on either the FULL or SPRINT distance triathlons of the day!

Well timed with the bigger races around NZ, yet also for the first-timer. This REALLY IS a must-do for any triathlon season.

Distances on offer:

Olympic Triathlon – The full distance 1.5km Swim – 40km Bike – 10km Run!

Sprint Triathlon – Sprint distance 500m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run!

Try-A-Triathlon – New to Triathlon? Then THIS is for you – 100m swim, 10km bike ride, and then a 2km run!

Olympic Duathlon – All the speed, none of the water… 40km Bike – 10km Run!

Sprint Duathlon – Sprint distance duathlon – 20km Bike – 5km Run!

Olympic Aquabike – Don’t like to run? We got ya – 1.5km Swim – 40km Bike!

Sprint Aquabike – Don’t like to run? We got ya –  500m Swim – 20km Bike!


**All races incur a $5 fee charged by the registration company

Key Event Information

Course Maps


Events Base & Swim

Distance: Start Location: Maraetai Beach
Events Base & Swim


Bike & Run Course

Distance: Start Location: Maraetai Beach
Bike & Run Course

Pricing & Benefits

Start Times & Event Timetable

Event Day General Info

Event location

Maraetai Beach, Maraetai

Cut Off Times 

I know it might seem tight – but NEVER fear, this has been running for many years, and the amount of time you get is definitely generous (even if you are a little worried about how long it might take now!) Cut off time for the bike section is 10:30am and the run is 11:30am (although you can finish your run under your own steam if you just gotta! We tend to run the timming for a little past “pack-down o’clock”. There just wont be any marshals for you.

Swim Caps

Best swim caps in triathlon! Thankks to our partner, SwimT3, we have secured you beautiful silicon swim caps, yours as part of the entry


Run live ALL DAY on race day so your friends and family can see how long you *really* spent in transition. The link will go live on the website and be posted to Facebook on race day.

Prize giving & Spot Prizes

Wetsuits, Big Screen TV’s and MORE! Gotta be on site to win it – 11:15am sharp for the prizegiving and spot prizes!

Race Bib & Helmet Sticker

Helmet Sticker: A MUST HAVE on your helmet front while you ride on the course. ABSOLUTE MUST!

Race Bib: MUST be worn on your run, TO THE FRONT, and on a race belt, or some safety pins (provided, just ask!)

These are an absolute MUST!


  • Above all else, you have primary responsibility for your own safety. Keep within the coned lane where one has been provided. Even where the road is closed, we cannot guarantee it will be traffic free. Only proceed where you are satisfied it is safe to do so. Your race number does not make you invincible.
  • Listen to your BODY. If you start to feel unwell or grossly thirsty, STOP! You may be suffering from dehydration and/or heat exhaustion. Sit down, gather yourself and consider if you can continue. Do not ignore these signs.
  • We do not recommend using MP3 PLAYERS. If you do, you must keep the volume turned down or only wear one earphone, so you can hear traffic, instructions from marshals and runners wishing to overtake you
  • Please obey the MARSHALS where they are acting for your safety. If you see a competitor in distress, stay with them and send a message to the next marshal. If it is a life-threatening emergency, ask someone to call 111.
  • Drafting is LEGAL. But it means you need to be more on guard than evere before! Don’t just trust those around you know what they are doing, keep your eyes on the road, and return home safely.