Can I get a refund or transfer my event entry to another event?

To be SUPER DOOPER CLEAR, as per our T’s & C’s, we do not offer a refund or postponement. No matter what your circumstances are, we make it fair to all by not moving on this.

We do offer person-to-person transfers which can be done by logging in to my.theeventdudes.co.nz and adding the person who will be receiving your race entry.

Where can I find my event results/swim time?

Results are live ALLLLL DAY! Show your friends around the globe how good you are by letting them follow along live


Can I draft on the bike?

Sure…but only if you promise to do your fair share of the work!

As always when it comes to cycling – be careful, be vigilant, and don’t assume everyone around you knows what they are doing!
(This goes doubly so for when you are 2 inches from someones behind!)

Are TT bikes allowed?

We pride ourselves on being a GREAT training ground for IMNZ, and other Long Distance Triathlons around NZ – use this as TT practice on your sleek TT bike…

…as always when it comes to cycling – be careful, be vigilant, and don’t assume everyone around you knows what they are doing!

Where can I see the event photos?

A selection of photos will always be added to our Facebook page (here), but the individual athlete photos are found with our photography partner – Photos4Sale – at https://www.photos4sale.co.nz

What are these helmet stickers and race bibs for?

These are a MUST!

Helmet stickers go on the FRONT of your helmet before race start, and race bibs (on either a race belt, or safety pinned on) face TO THE FRONT on your run leg only!

Not only do these help us identify you on course (very important for many safety reasons), they also help us get the athlete photography to you and your race number.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit? Can I hire a wetsuit?

You do not have to wear a wetsuit for any swim distance. Wetsuits offer warmth and extra buoyancy.

Hiring a wetsuit is a great way to try before you decided you want to do another event. If you wish to hire a wetsuit we have many convent locations that you can hire a swimming wetsuit from and also ensure you are being fitted for the correct size.

We may have wetsuits available on the day, but they normally sell out, so best you book one in by contacting the specialists in swimming wetsuits, our hire partner – SwimT3. This way you can pick the wetsuit up before the event, try it on and test it out so there are no surprises. For more information and a list of stores you can hire from click here 


Where can I find information about pricing?

Information about pricing can be found on each event page in the pricing timetable.

I have a disability or impairment, can I participate in your events?

Yes! We have a great variety of differently-abled athletes taking part! Please feel free to email us at info@oceanswim.co.nz and find out how we can heplp you get to the start line!

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