No, the Aquabike is not you skimming around on some kind of water-based bicycle – zooming past swimmers on your way to glory.

The Garth Barfoot Aquabike is for those who hate / can’t / don’t wanna run. There are lots of reasons for this – sonmetimes it’s just because running is hard!

It’s named after the man who is considered to be the “Grand-daddy” of Aquabike in New Zealand – Garth Barfoot. Garth can often be found Aquabiking his way around events in NZ, and so should you. Especially if you are new to the multisport world!

The Garth Barfoot Aquabike comes in 2 distances…

  • Olympic – 1.5km Swim // 40km Bike
  • Sprint – 500m Swim // 20km Bike

Go on, give one a go and you might just fall head-over-heels for the world of multisport!